The Ultimate Guide to Exotic Car Rentals in Tampa

Unleash Luxury: Exotic Car Rental in Tampa

Exotic car rentals - exotic car rentals in tampa

Exotic car rentals – exotic car rentals in tampa

Looking for exotic car rentals in Tampa? You’re in the right place! Whether it’s for a business trip, a special occasion, or just to enjoy the thrill of driving a top-tier vehicle, Tampa offers an exceptional selection of luxury and exotic cars to make your experience unforgettable.

  • Convenient Booking: Instant, free delivery to Tampa Airport or within 5 miles.
    Quality Fleet: Choose from Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Ferrari, and more.
    Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees.

Why rent an exotic car in Tampa?

  1. Luxury and Comfort: Experience the finest in automotive design and technology.
  2. Business Impress: Arrive at meetings in style.
  3. Events and Vacations: Perfect for weddings, proms, or a fun-filled day exploring Tampa Bay’s beautiful sights.
Benefits of Exotic Car Rentals in Tampa - Infographic

Benefits of Exotic Car Rentals in Tampa – VIPEXOTICS

Get ready to hit the road in style. Buckle up and let’s explore the ultimate guide to exotic car rentals in Tampa!

Why Rent an Exotic Car in Tampa?

Luxury Experience

Imagine cruising down the scenic roads of Tampa Bay in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Renting an exotic car in Tampa offers an unparalleled luxury experience. These vehicles are the epitome of automotive engineering, combining speed, comfort, and style. Whether it’s the roar of a McLaren engine or the plush interiors of a Rolls-Royce, an exotic car turns any drive into an unforgettable adventure.

Business Connections

First impressions matter, especially in business. Arriving at a meeting in an exotic car can set the tone for successful negotiations. It conveys confidence, success, and attention to detail. Renting a high-end vehicle for business meetings can leave a lasting impression on clients and partners, helping to secure deals and build strong professional relationships.


Tampa is a popular vacation destination with its white sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. Why not enhance your holiday experience by renting an exotic car? Explore the city in style, from Clearwater Beach to the David A. Straz Center for the Performing Arts. An exotic car rental makes every moment of your vacation special, whether you’re heading to a fine dining restaurant or just cruising along the coast.

Special Events

Special events call for special rides. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or anniversary, an exotic car can make the occasion even more memorable. Imagine arriving at your wedding in a Bentley or taking your prom date for a spin in a Porsche. These cars are not just modes of transportation; they are statements of elegance and style, perfect for making any event extraordinary.

 luxury car rental - exotic car rentals in tampa

luxury car rental – exotic car rentals in tampa

Renting an exotic car in Tampa is more than just getting from point A to point B. It’s about creating experiences, making impressions, and enjoying the finer things in life. So, whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, an exotic car rental can elevate your Tampa.

Next, let’s dive into the top exotic cars available for rent in Tampa.

Top Exotic Cars Available for Rent in Tampa

When it comes to exotic car rentals in Tampa, the options are nothing short of spectacular. Here are some of the top exotic cars you can rent to elevate your experience:


McLaren 570S and McLaren 720S are among the most sought-after models. The 570S offers a perfect blend of performance and luxury, while the 720S takes it up a notch with its incredible speed and advanced aerodynamics. These cars are perfect for those who crave adrenaline and sophistication.


Nothing says luxury like a Ferrari. From the sleek Ferrari 488 GTB to the powerful Ferrari Portofino, these cars are designed to turn heads. The roar of a Ferrari engine is unmistakable, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or a luxurious weekend getaway.


For those who want to make a bold statement, a Lamborghini Huracán or Lamborghini Aventador is the way to go. Known for their aggressive styling and blistering speed, Lamborghinis are perfect for anyone looking to make a grand entrance.


If you prefer a more classic touch, Rolls-Royce offers unparalleled elegance and comfort. Models like the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Rolls-Royce Wraith provide a smooth, luxurious ride, making them perfect for business trips or special events.


Bentley cars like the Bentley Continental GT offer a blend of luxury and performance. With their handcrafted interiors and powerful engines, Bentleys are ideal for those who want to travel in style and comfort.


Porsche offers a range of models that combine performance with everyday usability. The Porsche 911 and Porsche Panamera are excellent choices for those who want a thrilling driving experience without compromising on practicality.


For the environmentally conscious, Tesla offers electric vehicles that don’t skimp on luxury or performance. Models like the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X provide a futuristic driving experience with zero emissions.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin cars like the Aston Martin DB11 are the epitome of British luxury and performance. Known for their elegant design and powerful engines, Aston Martins are perfect for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and high-speed thrills.

exotic car - exotic car rentals in tampa

exotic car – exotic car rentals in tampa

With such a wide array of options, you’re sure to find the perfect exotic car to suit your needs and preferences. Next, let’s explore how much it costs to rent one of these luxurious vehicles in Tampa.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an Exotic Car in Tampa?

Renting an exotic car in Tampa can be an exhilarating experience, but it comes at a price. Here’s what you need to know about the costs involved.

Pricing and Daily Rates

The cost of exotic car rentals in Tampa varies based on the type of car, the rental duration, and additional services. Daily rates typically range from $500 to over $1,500. For example:

  • McLaren 570S: Starts around $900 per day.
  • McLaren 720S: Can go up to $1,300 per day.

Additional Fees

Beyond the daily rental rates, there are other fees to consider:

  • Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit of $1,000 to $5,000 is often required.
  • Insurance: Renters must have full coverage insurance that covers the rental vehicle. Some exotic cars might need proof of a full coverage, transferrable auto insurance policy.
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP): Optional at $13.31 per day, providing up to $300,000 in third-party liability coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP): Optional service for an additional fee, covering services like lost keys, flat tires, and jumpstarts.

Special Services

VIP Exotics offers several premium services that can enhance your rental experience:

  • Express Vehicle Delivery: Free delivery to the airport or within 5 miles.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Ensuring peace of mind during your rental period.
  • VIP Membership Program: Offers exclusive benefits and discounts for frequent renters.

Renting an exotic car isn’t just about the ride; it’s about the entire luxury experience. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you can enjoy your exotic car rental to the fullest.

Next, let’s explore the requirements for renting one of these luxurious vehicles in Tampa.

Requirements for Renting an Exotic Car in Tampa

Renting an exotic car in Tampa is a straightforward process, but there are a few important requirements to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know:

Age Requirements

To rent an exotic car in Tampa, you must be at least 25 years old. This age requirement ensures that drivers have enough experience to handle these high-performance vehicles safely.

Valid License

valid driver’s license is a must. Licenses from any U.S. state or territory, Canadian provinces, or international countries are accepted. If your license is from outside the U.S. or Canada, you may need an International Driver’s Permit. The International Driver’s Permit is only valid when presented with your original local license.


You need to have full coverage insurance that covers the rental vehicle. For some exotic cars, you may also need to provide proof of a full coverage, transferable auto insurance policy in your name with sufficient coverage for the vehicle rented.


security deposit is required when renting an exotic car. Typically, an authorization of $1,000 USD above the cost of the rental is taken. This amount will not be available for your use until after the vehicle is returned. Cash, prepaid cards, debit cards, and money orders are not accepted for this deposit.

Additional Drivers

If you want to add additional drivers, they must meet the same requirements as the primary renter. This includes being at least 25 years old, having a valid driver’s license, and possessing full coverage insurance.

By meeting these requirements, you’ll be ready to enjoy your exotic car rental experience in Tampa without any hitches.

Next, let’s explore the best places to drive your exotic car in Tampa.

Best Places to Drive Your Exotic Car in Tampa

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a stunning area with white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Driving your exotic car along the bay offers breathtaking views and a relaxing atmosphere. Stop by the waterfront parks or enjoy a scenic drive along Bayshore Boulevard, known for its longest continuous sidewalk.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is another must-visit spot. Known for its white sands and vibrant atmosphere, it’s perfect for a day trip. Park your exotic car and take a stroll on Pier 60, or simply relax on the beach. The drive to Clearwater Beach is equally mesmerizing, with coastal views that are best enjoyed in a luxury vehicle.

Busch Gardens

For a mix of adventure and wildlife, head to Busch Gardens. This theme park has beautiful cheetahs, lemurs, and meerkats. Your exotic car will make the journey to this popular attraction as thrilling as the rides themselves. Plus, you’ll have a stylish ride to match the park’s excitement.

Big Cat Rescue

If you’re an animal lover, a visit to Big Cat Rescue is a must. This sanctuary is home to some of the world’s most exotic big cats. Driving your luxury car to this rescue center adds an extra layer of excitement to your visit. Take photos of the majestic animals and enjoy the scenic drive through Tampa’s lush landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exotic Car Rentals in Tampa

How much does it cost to rent a McLaren in Tampa?

The cost to rent a McLaren in Tampa varies based on the model and rental duration. For instance, renting a McLaren 570S could cost around $1,200 per day, while a McLaren 720S might be priced at $1,500 per day. These prices can fluctuate based on demand, especially during peak travel seasons like spring break.

Why do people rent exotic cars?

People rent exotic cars for several reasons:

  • Luxury Experience: Driving an exotic car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini offers a unique and thrilling experience. It’s an opportunity to enjoy high-end performance and style.
  • Business Trips: Arriving at a business meeting in a luxury car can leave a lasting impression and signify success and professionalism.
  • Vacations: Exploring Tampa’s beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife in a luxury vehicle enhances the vacation experience, making it unforgettable.

How old do you have to be to rent an exotic car in Tampa?

To rent an exotic car in Tampa, you generally need to be at least 25 years old. This age requirement ensures that drivers have sufficient experience and are more likely to handle high-performance vehicles responsibly.

Additionally, you must present a valid driver’s license. If you’re traveling from another country, ensure your license is in English or have an International Driver’s Permit for translation purposes.

Next, let’s wrap up with some final thoughts.


In conclusion, renting an exotic car in Tampa can transform your trip into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re here for business, a vacation, or a special event, VIP Exotics has you covered.

Our luxury and exotic car rentals offer a premium selection of top-of-the-line vehicles, from McLarens to Lamborghinis. Each car is meticulously maintained to ensure you enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

We also provide chauffeur services for those who prefer to sit back and relax. Our professional chauffeurs offer a personalized and high-quality transportation experience, making your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

With 24/7 roadside assistance, you can drive with peace of mind knowing help is always just a call away. Whether you need a jumpstart, fuel delivery, or help with a flat tire, our team is available around the clock to assist you.

Our express delivery service ensures your vehicle is ready when you are. We offer instant, free delivery to the airport or within a 5-mile radius, so you can hit the road without any delays.

For frequent renters, our VIP membership program offers exclusive benefits, including express reservations and checkouts, loyalty rewards, and more.

Experience the thrill and luxury of driving an exotic car in Tampa with VIP Exotics. Ready to start your adventure? Book your exotic car rental in Tampa today!